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Yes, Please!

Eating is by far and away one of the greatest, and most important pleasures in life. At Truffles Deli, we like to think we do it rather well! It's rare people walk through the door without getting fed and, if you time it right, there's often a tasty little morsel that will fall your way from our kitchen.

Lee, our owner and greatest food advocate, is forever waxing lyrical about the bonding power of eating together. To him, it's friends and family - the bare essentials. You can catch him talking about it here in the Kentishtowner.

“The reason I started the shop,” says Lee, “is because in Italy, everyone sits round one plate, and there’s that interaction around food. If there’s one plate of food and everyone’s sharing and talking it’s more fun. The idea behind the deli was people all sit together, either here or at home.”
— Lee talking to the Kentishtowner


Lee talking about our products and the Truffles Deli experience!


—  In-Deli eating  —

Fancy a sandwich, naughty treat or light snack? We'll make one up for you. Here's a sample of our greatest hits.



—  Selection of continental pastries —
fresh from our bakery

—  Something naughty  —
Taleggio melted over our best
rosemary roast ham, toasted on a fresh croissant

—  Italian eggs —
Scrambled, on sourdough toast.
With shavings of truffle to special order!


—  On sourdough —
San Daniele prosciutto, rocket pesto, buffalo mozzarella

—  On ciabatta —
Taleggio, rosemary roast ham, sunblushed tomatoes



—  Cheese  —
Carboncino, Saint Maure, Manchego, Aged Pecorino, buffalo mozzarella, burrata.... whatever takes your fancy

—  Meat—
Felino, finocchiona, wild boar salami, mortadella, San Daniele prosciutto, rabbit rillette, fresh pates....

—  Vegetarian—
Feta stuffed peppers, sundried and sunblushed tomatoes, grilled aubergines, many types of olives, roast peppers, rocket and basil pesto


Cheese and meat boards available all afternoon and weekend evenings. Expertly paired with delicious wines, craft beers and cocktails.     

Let us know you're coming, we'll keep your seat warm!

 Antipasti board with wild boar salami, artichoke, Italian taleggio and kalamata olives

Antipasti board with wild boar salami, artichoke, Italian taleggio and kalamata olives